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11390028_2367359543272_8079077549649955526_nI’m a longtime blogger, starting on Blogger in 2008 and transitioning by 2010 to WordPress, where I started Rewriting Life (later rebranded as Love, Kay), a personal essay blog about finding the goodness in life’s small moments. After five years of carving out inspirational stories, I decided it was time to rebrand and do what brought me joy. Kay Redesigned is my answer to that. It’s about redesigning your life to make it yours, not anyone else’s, and feeling satisfied with the choices you make daily. What you wear, eat, buy; who you spend your time with and how you spend it; what you want in your home and how you make your house a home.

In 2016, I plan to buy my first home and get married. It’s a busy time in my life, but an exciting one, and I want this blog to capture all the little moments and thoughts along the way, so together, you and I can find ourselves making choices to craft the life they most want, too. Follow along and tell me your story!

My inbox is always open: kay@kaleighsomers.com

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