My Dream Home Office

My Dream Home Office

August 20, 2015
by kay
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My Dream Home Office | Kay Redesigned |

I believe a well-designed, well-crafted life, is an organized life. Not everyone does, and that’s okay, but when I’m stressed, you’ll find me cleaning up the stack of mail that’s collected atop my kitchen counter, or vacuuming, or, most likely, filing all of those slips of paper away.

It’s a mystery to me how I got through college, and my first two years after college, without really hunkering down and researching a good filing cabinet or box, at least, for medical records and car repairs and insurance benefits.

A couple years ago, I manned up and bought this printed orange and green box, and I hate it—the pattern and colors, the size of it, everything is so wrong. It’s stuffed to the max, the sides pregnant and stretching with every added record.

I really want somewhere to house all this paperwork, and keep it tucked away from the “living” parts of my life.

So, by the time I move in early 2016, I am determined to a) set up an office and b) make sure it feels organized but fun.

I truly believe when you love how your home, or your office, or your car looks, you take better care of it.

So here’s my dream office.

PS: All suggestions for office must-haves are welcome in the comments!

My Office Must Haves

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